Public Works

Don Jon [w/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He not only stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed “Don Jon”. Relativity Media was kind enough to let us sit down w/ JGL. Among the topics – Tony Danza as his dad and making out with Scarlett Johansson.  

Gravity [w/ Sandra Bullock]

Proud to promote Warner Brothers’ “Gravity” from director Alfonso Cuarón. The film and its star, Sandra Bullock, are getting much love for this one. Co-star George Clooney hasn’t done press junkets since what? Leatherheads? While it would’ve been nice to talk to him as well, Sandra seems proud of the film. As she should be.   […]

“The Dictator” • Sacha Baron Cohen • Larry King

Rather than suffer through a press junket, Sacha Baron Cohen granted an exclusive interview to Larry King promoting ‘The Dictator’ (Paramount Pictures). Some funny bits, especially “chill pill”. As always, this appears from our ongoing “Hollywood One on One” duties. Enjoy!

Oscars Special

This year, we take a look at the 9 Best Pictures nominees for the 84th Academy Awards.

Ides of March

George Clooney takes another turn at directing. He and company made quite the splash at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival where we sat down with Ryan Gosling for “Hollywood One on One”.