Don Jon [w/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He not only stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed “Don Jon”. Relativity Media was kind enough to let us sit down w/ JGL. Among the topics – Tony Danza as his dad and making out with Scarlett Johansson.  

Gravity [w/ Sandra Bullock]

Proud to promote Warner Brothers’ “Gravity” from director Alfonso Cuarón. The film and its star, Sandra Bullock, are getting much love for this one. Co-star George Clooney hasn’t done press junkets since what? Leatherheads? While it would’ve been nice to talk to him as well, Sandra seems proud of the film. As she should be.   […]

“Ted” • Seth MacFarlane • Mark Wahlberg

Our look at Universal’s “Ted” with Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg.      

“Dark Shadows” • Michelle Pfeiffer

Never saw the ’70’s show but looking forward to “Dark Shadows” from Tim Burton. Recently got the chance to feature Michelle Pfeiffer from the film.

“The Dictator” • Sacha Baron Cohen • Larry King

Rather than suffer through a press junket, Sacha Baron Cohen granted an exclusive interview to Larry King promoting ‘The Dictator’ (Paramount Pictures). Some funny bits, especially “chill pill”. As always, this appears from our ongoing “Hollywood One on One” duties. Enjoy!

“The Artist” {The Weinstein Company}

Not often that I get to promote a silent film with Oscar buzz. Actually – I’ve never promoted ANY silent film. What a unique opportunity to work on such a great cast piece for such an interesting movie. Definitely looking forward to seeing “The Artist”. We featured pretty much everyone but the Jack Russell terrier. […]

Blockbuster Movie Pass

When Dish decided to announce the launch of their new Blockbuster Movie Pass, they looked no further than Fever City Studio. Proud to have collaborated on such a fun project with such great news.

American Red Cross

As storms ravaged the South and Midwest this past summer, we looked for a way to help. Fever City Studio, Dish Network and the American Red Cross teamed up to provide relief and recovery.